ABCG is an integrated consulting firm comprising seven departments: Architectural and interior design, Geotechnical, Environmental, Structural, Quality Control, Electro-mechanical and communications, and financial studies. The seven departments work either independently or in an integrated fashion to meet variety of project tasks and needs. ABCG is committed to provide state-of-the-art comprehensive engineering and financial consulting services and advanced up-to-date technologies to its clients in Egypt and the region. ABCG focuses on projects that need high technological background and new and innovative methods. The commitment extends to introducing new methods of construction and design to the Egyptian market and other consulting firms and contractors. In addition, the Quality management system and the Integrated Reliability Program are dedicated to clients who focus on the Financial sector.

Led by six Ph.D.s and two Senior Engineers, ABCG maintains a staff of over 30 experienced engineers and qualified laboratory technicians committed to provide timely and quality engineering services to our clients. ABCG owns and operates state-of-the-art soil and quality control laboratories and extensive computer facilities. Our contacts in North America are destined to transfer the latest technologies in the areas of Engineering and finance.

To better serve the financial sector in Egypt, ABCG has formed an alliance with a British Company specialized in valuation called “Valuation Consultancy” www.valuation-consultancy.co.uk There expertise bring to the group a great deal of strength in the fields that require further discussion with multinational partners

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